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Have you ever felt like you had to “fake it” in leadership? Like the real you wasn’t enough and you needed to put on the right mask for whoever you were talking to? You know, the “hip” mask, the “religious” mask, or something else? If you’ve ever struggled with this, you aren’t alone.

How can you become an authentic leader? You need to grapple with faith, fears and confidence.

Authentic leadership through faith

Church leaders are constantly talking about the gospel, but authentic leaders are constantly embracing it through faith. It is easy to get these two confused and unless we are clear about it, we will fall further from authenticity and become better actors rather than better Christians.

When was the last time you grappled with the implications of what Jesus has done for YOU? Not just searching the scriptures for application to others but allowing deep gospel truths to marinate your heart with grace? In 2 Tim 1:8-14, Paul outlines the good news of Jesus Christ to Timothy, challenging to lay hold of and guard the faith deposit in his heart. Not just for his people, but for Timothy, himself.

Good news for YOU

The gospel is not good advice to others it’s good news! The war is over, the price has been paid and our lives have been saved. Jesus’ perfect life, brutal death and amazing resurrection have made us a way to know and be known by God.

Martin Luther said “The gospel is also the principal article of all Christian doctrine...Most necessary it is, therefore, that we should know this article well, teach it unto others, and beat it into their heads continually.”

Authentic faith knows what God has saved you from. Do you remember the first day that the grace of God “appeared” to you? Revel in the freedom. Too often, we forget how much God has done in our own lives. Paul was not ashamed (2 Tim 1:12) because he knew Who had saved him and celebrated his liberation! Becoming an authentic leader begins with faith and that starts with your story.

In my next post I will be exploring how authentic leaders not only have faith but also fears and confidence. Check back soon.

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