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How can we impact our church guests if they don't come back? Matt Sweetman is a Chicago church planter that wrote "Unforgettable" for churches to give to first-time guests. Its short five chapters encourage believers and non-believers alike to take simple steps towards becoming a disciple of Jesus. By giving this book to visitors as a "thank you for coming" gift, you will give newcomers a simple tool to help them grasp the value of Jesus and His church so that they can become involved in the life and mission of the local church. This week only, you can download a free Kindle version of the book to see if it would be a good fit for your church!


REWARD: It rewards church guests for visiting, which increases their chance of returning. They leave with something tangible in their hands which further creates a positive impression (and potentially masks any negatives they had).

SELF-DISCOVERY: Books are self-educating tools that can powerfully move people into action before you have a chance to build a relationship with them.

GROWTH: By encouraging people to follow Jesus, return to church, humbly serve others, give and join a Small Group, it quickly fosters a culture of discipleship and involvement. This spiritual “depth” in turn helps draw and add more people into the church community because it calls them to be on mission.

PAYS FOR ITSELF: Adding an average giving unit to your church would recoup the cost of a years worth of books within just a few months. This can vary depending on the volume of guests, the systemic follow up of first-time givers and overall assimilation.

CREDIBILITY: This book was birthed out of real pastoral experience. It is not based on unproven or wishful ideas, but on scripture and genuine ministry.

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