Discipleship & Discernment

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We have been exploring the need for discipleship in the context of community.  You can view the previous posts by clicking here.

Responding to questions

We train our Community Group leaders to listen to people’s responses to these questions. Much of disciple making is about listening. We need to know where people are in the process so we can, by God’s grace, help move them forward. Again, Jesus heard the disciples arguing over who was the greatest, and then he responded with an astonishing demonstration of foot washing. I love good expository preaching, but we need to be aware of the fact that it’s only a piece of the disciple making process.

Different responses

Based on people’s responses we see them in certain stages.

1. Spiritually unborn – Unbelievers, question God’s existence, question whether they need forgiveness, etc…

2. Spiritual infant – Excited to be alive in Christ, terrible theology, selfish, rely heavily on others, etc…

3. Spiritual children – Excited to be alive in Christ too, starting to develop a good Theology, still make big messes, still selfish, etc…

4. Spiritual young adult – Developing a solid Theology, serving others, not necessarily reproducing on purpose.

5. Spiritual parents – Good Theology, serve others, reproduce on purpose.

Please hear this, we don’t outwardly label people. “Oh Jimmy, that’s because you’re a spiritual infant.” No, never! In fact, these aren’t labels at all. One person could be selfish with their finances, but generous with their time. Another could be excellent at serving others, but have a terrible theology. It’s very hard to put people in just one category, so we don’t. It’s just a simple tool, to remind disciple makers what the next step is.

Our Mission

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